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Who are Green Shed Energy? 

Green Shed Energy are leaders in heat pump consultancy, overseeing the design and construction of air source and ground source heat pump systems, readying them for installation. As a Renewable Energy Consultancy based in Kent, we offer our services to the whole of the South East and have worked in the industry since 2008. Thus, we ensure that homes across Kent, Surrey and Essex get specialised heat pump systems that work for them. We design bespoke air source heat pumps in Kent and train installers on how to fit them.

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How It Works

The Initial Assessment

We will come to your property and complete an Energy Performance Survey (also known as an EPC). We check how well the house retains heat, by checking how good its “jumper” is. This involves checking for wall installation, if there are cavity walls and loft installation, windows etc. We also check your heat emitters, such as radiators and underfloor heating, to see if they are up to standard or if they need an upgrade. Your house has to have a high enough EPC grade for it to be worth having a heat pump installed. After all, there is no point installing a brand-new heat pump if all the heat is going to go out the window!

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We Design Your Heat Pump

Every house is different and will require a heat pump with different specifications. We use Evergreen Software to complete room to room heat loss calculations. We then acquire a MCS 0 20: This involves completing a noise assessment, which determines if a heat pump is acceptabe to go next to an existing building. We also contact the District Network Operator (or DNO), to see if they're able to install a heat pump at your home.

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Installation Managed

One we have completed the design of your new system, we will recommend a trusted, local installer for your air source heat pump, based in Kent or wherever you require installation. Alternatively, you're free to find your own installer.


The fee is £475, plus any expenses incurred during calculation and design. Our fee is deducted from the installer's quote, so you only pay once!






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